2013 Election

Here is the ballot for the December 2013 Tri Club Election.  These terms will run from the end of the January ’14 club meeting to the end of the January ’16 club meeting.

Please take a minute or more to familiarize yourself with each of the candidates and determine who you will vote for.  The election will be held at the December club meeting on Dec. 16th.



President Chip Clifton
Noel Reagan
Secretary Tim Anderson
DeLeslyn Mitchell
Sponsorship Drew Streip
Youth Adam Deimling
Training Coordinator Donald Humphreys
At Large
Curtis Casey
John Holcombe
Anne Prettyman
Marinda Salyers




 ChipClifton_Profile Chip Clifton My name is Chip and I have been an active member of the Chattanooga Tri club since it first started up. During that time I’ve been truly blessed getting to know such an amazing group of people! I stay busy participating in Tri’s of all distances (except double IM-those people are crazy), running, and cycling events. Recently I completed my first IM distance race in Florida. The race experience was a special day in large part due to the level of camaraderie of our fellow club members. We had so many club members racing and spectating-I came back from the race wanting to give back to the club and provide that same experience to others. Outside of triathlon I am a Physical Therapist and help people build and meet goals on a daily basis. I come from a fitness/wellness background, and I am passionate about promoting an active and healthy lifestyle. I believe all of us are capable of living a healthy lifestyle by participating in triathlons of all distances, not just ironman. I have seen the club grow tremendously the last few years, and I look forward to helping the club however I can in the future!
 NoelProfile Noel Reagan I’m currently serving as an at-large member on the Chattanooga Triathlon Club board and have helped get the club mentor program up and running. I’m excited to be running to serve as the club president to further work with the board and club members to continue to create opportunties for training, learning and to encourage people in the sport of Triathlon in the Chattanooga area. I’m passionate about staying active, setting goals and reaching them as well as encouraging others to dream big with their own goals! I’m thankful to be part of this community and I’m grateful to have opportunities to give back.


 Tim Tim Anderson  Tim did his first triathlon in 1992, is a certified USA Triathlon, was the Regional Coordinator of Officials for the Southeast Region before moving to TN, and has been the Tri Club President for the last 2 years.  Tim believes in keeping the club active, accessible and open to all triathletes regardless of age, experience, speed or preferred distance.
 Deleslyn_Profile_Pic DeLeslyn Mitchell  Hi! I’m DeLeslyn Mitchell but most folks call me “D”. My journey is interesting and I love to share with people how you go from 243 pounds to finishing an Ironman!!! Ask me sometime and I’ll be glad to share!
I am running for this position because I just want to serve and give back to the Tri Club for all that they have meant to me and done for me this past year.


 streip Drew Streip


 Adam_D  Adam Deimling

Training Coordinator

Donald Humphries

At Large

 IMG_3865 Curtis Casey  Curtis has lived in Chattanooga for 20 years and has been a Chattanooga Triathlon Club member since 2010.  He is a CPA and is CFO of Walden Security.  Since 2009 he has completed 2 Ironmans, 4 Half Ironmans, 3 marathons, 1 Xterra triathlon, multiple half marathons, and several trail races.
 atomic_Sprint_2013 John Holcombe

I’m married to my amazing wife, Michelle and have two fantastic kids, Ben and Shelby. I’ve been employed at TVA for nearly 20 years and my current position is a Geographic Analyst.  I was a distance runner in high school and college and competed in distances from the 800 meters to the 10,000 meters including the steeple chase.  After a job, marriage, mortgage, and kids the years crept by and my waist size expanded. At that point I wanted to change back to life style from years previous.  Since then, I’ve competed in a number of triathlons, aquabikes, dualthlons, and road races.


In addition to my athletic background, I have lots of experience leading or participating in numerous civic and religious boards.  Some of these include the Chattanooga Jaycees, the Ridge Lake North Home Owners Association, US Jaycee National Convention, the River Race and Jam, Orange Grove, First Christian Church, and Burks United Methodist Church.


My personal long term goals for the Chattanooga Triathlon Club and why I am running for this board position is to help double the size of the membership (again), secure enough funds to hire an executive director for the club, develop a club run half iron distance triathlon, and expand programs that give back to our community.

 Anne_P_Profile Anne Prettyman  You have heard the expression “hang out with people smarter than you- it makes you  look smarter?” I hang out with people that are more athletic than me so I can look more athletic. This club is full of inspiring, energetic, achieving athletes. The determination in this group is amazing.
I am helpful, UNorganized, love the sport of triathlon and am willing to do my part for the good of the club!
 MarindaS Marinda Salyers  I am 31 years old and am in love with life. I am married with 2 Great Dane’s as my kids.  My husband and I joined the triathlon world 3 years ago when we joined the Anniston Runner’s Tri Club.   We fell in love right away after our first sprint. Our race schedule each year consists of our favorite shorter races around the area and a half distance and this year we completed our first Ironman!!  Ironman Florida as the most amazing day and to compete with my husband made the day that much more memorable. I am running to be a At-Large Board member because I want to be more involved in or Tri community. We recently move to Chattanooga from Anniston and love the support of our club. I would like to help lead a group of athletes towards their goals and give back to our community. My husband and I will be racing in IM Chattanooga next year and are excited to bring growth to our club and community.


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