About Us

375939_10151035690253321_1434044242_nChattanooga Triathlon Club. The name says everything … well, almost everything.

Chattanooga, TN is the home of the regions only complete multisport club serving multisport athletes. Our members race triathlons, duathlons, adventure races, and more.

We have the club for you whether you are a fan of Multisport events, just beginning, or a seasoned veteran. Our organization can help you achieve your personal goals, provide you an avenue for developing new friends and training partners.

What are some benefits you get by becoming a member of The Chattanooga Triathlon Club?

  1. Our organization provides weekly activities for training. You can go to as many as you like.
  2. We have an on-line forum to ask other Team Members questions on races, training, injuries, and other relevant topics to the Multisport Lifestyle.
  3. We help you find new people to train and race with and help foster the development of new friendships.
  4. We have fun social activities and monthly meetings to keep you informed about Club activities.
  5. Chattanooga Triathlon Club provides occasional clinics on all aspects of triathlons including swim stroke analysis, biking skills, transitions, running workouts.
  6. We are a club for the people and by the people. We accept all-comers. We are just a large group of people promoting Heath and Wellbeing.
  7. We have members that are beginners and professionals. We have members that do not race, race short distances, Ironman distances and everything in-between. We have had members lose 100 pounds by pursuing a new Multisport Lifstyle. Our goal is to help each other achieve their individual Multisport and life goals.
  8. You will gain so many new and positive experiences by joining that we cannot describe them all. Join and you will find out first hand what other offers our Team has for you.

Ultimately, we are a community, a community of people that shares the joys of competition. Whether your goal is to enjoy swimming/biking/running, to finish your first race, or to win a race, we are the club for you. At our events, you’ll find cheering as loud for the first place as for the last finisher. Success is measured by the effort you provide not by the place you finish. Being a participant is our measure of success.

Click here to join the Chattanooga Triathlon Club and join us as we live life to the fullest!