CURRENT 2015 CLUB MEMBERS: Enter Drawing to Win Early Entry into 2016 IM Florida

Thanks to our strong tri club presence at WTC races, we have earned 6 early entries into IM Florida 2016, which we are giving away. If you would like to be entered into a drawing for one of these spots, please fill out the form below BEFORE noon on Sunday, October 25.

FOUR winners will be announced by Sunday evening and the other TWO winners will be announced and must be present to win at the Tri Club meeting on October 26, 6pm at Outdoor Chattanooga. NOTE: You can sign up to win AT the meeting too.

To choose winners, everyones name will be written on a card and put into a bowl and we will draw cards until we have pulled out 4 names. NOTE: If you would like to be in the DRAWING WITH SOMEONE ELSE (you only win if they win) then you BOTH need to sign up on this form and write down that you would like to enter the drawing with that person. We will draw a card, if there are two names on it you both win. We will draw another card, if there is only one name on it, we will draw another card until we have our four people who win.
This giveaway is open to CURRENT 2015 club members, who have joined prior to October 22. Thanks — and good luck!

E-mail with any questions.