Daylight Savings Time Has Begun

In case you didn’t notice that it was still dark when your alarm clock went off, daylight savings time is now in effect. For those of us working the 8-to-5, that means we have more time to train after work!
Since we have the daylight, we will be restarting the Greenway Farms beginner run and the Ooltewah track workouts — but what else would you like to see?
Members have expressed interest in time trial practices, open water swims (with small boat support), easy bike rides, organized group rides and trail runs, among other ideas.

Tell us what you’re interested in — but more importantly, what you would be willing to help organize! (Despite all appearances, this well-oiled machine doesn’t operate itself.) Whether it is a weekly, monthly or one-time event, let us know how you can help.  Email, or submit your ideas here:

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