Help Us Reach You

We did a survey of members a few months ago and the overwhelming response was that most of you prefer to be contacted by email instead of coming to the website, and you want to hear from us more often.  We’re not sure we really believe you, but we are working on it!  There are two links on the home page under the ‘Social Media Menu’ to sign up for mailing lists.

The first one News Letter subscribes you to our news letter that we send out roughly 2x a month.  Since this goes to everybody on our list, we try not to spam you.

The 2nd one is our new TriChatter mailing list.  This is where will be trying to recap what is of interest on the webpage and Facebook page and get it out roughly once a week.  This is how often most of the survey respondents said they wanted to hear from us.  Since this will be more frequently, we are only going to send it to you, if you sign up!

So please sign up for either or both, and we’ll try to get more info out to you!

Let us know if you have any other suggestions.

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