FOOTBALL FANS –  The Bowls Games have begun and NFL playoff are just around the corner.  Here is a great workout to keep you entertained while watching your favorite win.

The football workout can be done on a spin bike or indoor trainer.  I have put some zone work just so you can get an idea of what to do and when to increase and decrease resistance, but in general – you are riding at your own personal level..

FIRST QUARTER:  Probably a  20 minute plus warm-up – pedal through all commercials and timeouts!

  • Pedal easy for 6 minutes with a nice controlled pedal stroke
  • Add a little more resistance the next 5 minutes, but still in your comfort zone
  • Add a little more resistance the next 4 minutes, but still in your comfort zone
  • For the next 3 minutes, leave resistance the same and pick up the cadence (getting out of the easy comfort zone)
  • You can stay at this pace or pick it up a little more until the 2nd Quarter begins!
  • Ride in (Zone 3 rate if you know your zones) or a little faster with a higher resistance when your team is on defense.  70 – 85 RPM. (Think about being at a heart rate level when you can speak, but talking with “pauses or breaks” to catch your breath.  You can pick it up and go faster when the wrong team is running down the field and your team can’t tackle worth crap!!!!!!!
  • Ride in Zone 2 or less resistance than above with higher cadence when your team is on offense.  (slightly lower heart rate than above and can talk a little better)   You might what to go faster when you person is running across the field, but keep stroke controlled….
  • ANY KICK SPRINT FOR 10 SECONDS!!! HARD WITH RESISTANCE and recovery for 1 minute to 90 seconds (Control that stroke)
  • TIME OUTS:  HARD CLIMBS FOR 2 MINUTES with 2 MINUTE RECOVERY(Combo of seating and standing as you desire)
  • COMMERCIALS:   YOU PUSH HARD FOR DURING getting up to 90 % of your max HR if you can or just an uncomfortable level for you  with a 2 – 3  MINUTE RECOVERY.   Try to ride at the uncomfortable pace for 2 minutes.  (Shouldn’t be able to talk while doing this)
  • OFFICIALS VIEWING REPLAY:   HARD CLIMB  for 20 seconds with 20 second  easy recovery and repeat up to 4 times while officials and coaches are arguing over the replays…(If using zones, you can think of this as Zone 5)
  • HALF TIME:  ZONE 2 Comfortable cadence
FOURTH QUARTER:  Recovery/cool down……
Happy Riding and don’t forget to log your miles in the National Challenge Competition!Lisa Anderson


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