Last Call for Rev3 Club Tent

This Sunday is the Rev3 Olympic and Half in Knoxville.  It is now Thursday and we still need help organizing a club tent to have at the race.  So far we have a few people willing to help staff the tent, and somebody to help set it up, but we still need more help.  We need people to help carry stuff to Knoxville and more to help set up.  Even if you can just fit a little in your car, with a race 1.5 hours away, every bit helps!   We have close to 30 members racing, so we should be able to get plenty of stuff there!!

Please let us know  what you can carry and how best to meet up with you etc!

We are not asking for much really.  Just:

  • a  little time to get the table, tent, food etc on Saturday,
  • Drive the equipment to Knoxville
  • Set up the tent and food, etc
  • Hang out at the tent during the race
  • Help breakdown, clean up after the race

You can sign up for as much or little of this as possible.

Remember, If not you, then who?

Sign up here:

We also can use some help at the Mountain Madness race, but we have people to set up and clean up that one.


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