Last UPDATe for Bids on the QR Lucero Lite!

We are now at a high bid of $1500.

We’re going to bed here at ‘Chatt Tri HQ’, so this is the last update on the auction for the Lucero Lite donated by Quintana Roo.  We will be announcing the winner at the club meeting at Hub Endurance tomorrow night!  You still have until midnight to get your bid submitted.

Current bis is $1500 and that’s a great deal compared to the $2,995 list price and even compared to the club discounted price of $2088!  Remember, these funds will be dedicated to supporting our activities at races and allow us to buy those drinks, and frozen watermelon, wet towels and other items that everyone seems to enjoy.

If you want this bike, submit your bid to

Once again thanks to Quintana Roo for their generous donation of this awesome complete bike!  Remember, you get to pick the size of this awesome QR Lucero Lite, so don’t worry about it not fitting!

BIDDING ENDS SUNDAY, (April 21st), at 11:59:59pm.  The highest bid received at before that time will win.


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2013 QR-Lucero

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