MS Society Bike to Jack & Back

Each year, the Mid-South chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society holds a tw0-day, 150-mile bike ride to raise money for MS awareness, research and treatment. As the name implies, it’s sponsored by the Jack Daniel’s distillery — including a post-ride party with your choice of Tennessee whiskey cocktails.

The Tri Club’s two Drews (LaBonne and Streip) have been part of Team Pill Pushers for three years, with the goal of finding a way to manage the disease using pills — rather than painful daily or weekly injections.

Can you help us make a difference?

This is an open call for donations — or for you to join our team! In 2012, we got David Storm on board, and we’d love to grow our team even more this year. Remember: Even a $5 donation will directly help to fund programs for someone in our region living with MS.

Head to our team page to learn more, join the team, or donate:

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