November Club Meeting

  • DATE/TIME: November 17 at 6:30pm
    LOCATION: Results Physiotherapy (North Shore Location- 313 Manufacturers Rd, Chattanooga, TN)

BYO-FR (Bring Your Own Foam Roller) If you have one, or show up and there may be a few extras floating around…. this will be interactive, come ready to foam roll and learn some great tips/ideas! Not sure what a foam roller is? It’s important…come find out!
Chip Clifton, PT, DPT, COMT with Results Physiotherapy will be speaking and talk about the importance of foam rolling and incorporating that into your training/recovery.IMPORTANT: Board member positions will be elected in December for Vice President, Treasure, At-large. All current club members can be nominated (self nominated or nominated by someone else, e-mail The ballot nominations will close at the end of the November club meeting.

Come see your friends and meet new friends as we gear up for the winter season and look towards the 2015 race season!