Spring Training Retreat

April 5-7, Ellijay GA
Fun weekend of Socializing, Swimming, Biking, Running, Learning and Eating! In conjunction with the Italian Bike Festival Rides organized by Cartecay Bikes!!

!!Reservations are open!!

Everybody Welcome!!  All skills levels are accommodated.  Come and do hundreds of miles or come and talk.  Family is not only welcome but encouraged!  There is plenty to do around Ellijay and Blue Ridge for family!


  • Pricing will be per bed for lodging and per person basis for food and activities
    • Most rooms have only 1 bed, except sleeper sofa’s and roll aways
  • Room/Bed prices are based on privacy/size of room
    • Room/Bed prices will range from roughly $140 to $170 total ($70-$85 per night)
  • We will have two houses.
    • House #1 will be the center of social activities / meals so less quiet time (Windows on the World)
    • House #2 will still be social, but not as many people sitting in the living room  (Bella Vista)
  • If you want more privacy, smaller houses / villas are available for personal reservation and you can join us for social activities / workouts (House or Villa)
  • The menu is being developed and the food cost will be posted before final payment is due.
    • Last year the food price was under $40 per person and should be similar this year as long as we get volunteers to commit to helping with preparation etc.
  • The Italian Bike Festival is on Saturday morning.  There are 43, 65 and 94 mile routes.  These are fully supported, and for the $40 registration you get an italian food lunch, and a T-shirt. Click here for more info
  • We will have time available for running and other activities too.  We do not have the ability to rent a pool, so swimming will be an option but we will not be doing an specific pool sessions. (Here is a running route from House 1.  Lots of it are level along the river.  Plenty to challenge the fittest, or please the casual joggers)
  • Rooms will be assigned on a 1st come basis.  $100 deposits will be accepted via the club e-commerce site.  You will be able to pick which room you want and check if it is available online.
  • Final payment will be due 2 weeks before camp (Mar 22nd)
  • If all rooms fill up, we will create a waiting list for a 3rd house ($40 refundable deposit).  Once there is enough interest, we will reserve additional houses.
  • If you want help finding a room-mate, let us know.  We’ll match you up with anyone else that lets us know they are looking for a room mate.
  • If it all falls apart, we will refund everything except any deposits we made.
  • We are also looking for people to help lead workouts, cook, teach sessions.  If you can help, you will be eligible for Club Volunteer Reward Points!

Here are the volunteer sessions so far.  Let us know what you can do or what you can add.

Task Time Person #1 Person #2
Help unloading food to kitchen 15:00–15:30  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Placing room signs for people 16:00 –  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Friday dinner Prep 18:30 – 20:00 Shelley Moore
Dinner Cleanup 20:15 – … Kelli Smith Noel Reagan
Saturday Breakfast (show where stuff is/ make coffee) 6:00 – 8:00
Transition Clinic 16:00 Lisa Anderson Tim Anderson
Bike Maintenance Clinic 18:30 – Drew Streip Drew LaBonne
Saturday Dinner Prep 18:30-20:00 Kelli Smith
Saturday Dinner Cleanup 20:15 – … Drew Streip  John Holcomb
Sunday Breakfast Prep 8:30 ~ 9:45  XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Sunday Breakfast  clean up 9:30 – ….  John Holcomb
Sunday Lunch Prep 12:45 – …
House Cleanup / Check out 16:00 – …


Available reservation slots are listed below – Rooms are first come, first serve!

IMG_8040     IMG_8082


Available reservation slots are listed below

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