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The Chattanooga Triathlon Club (“CTC”) 70.3 Training Program is a 16 Week Training Plan.

Although it is primarily geared toward the beginner or intermediate triathlete, even the more seasoned Ironman looking for a structured, yet affordable plan will find this plan valuable. The plan will help you complete a half Ironman distance race and is primarily geared toward the inaugural IM 70.3 Chattanooga, to be held on May 19, 2019. But, it requires your dedication,respect and commitment in order to ensure success. This plan is not customizable to each individual athlete, nor is it a group training plan, although we encourage all to work out in groups. If, by the start of the program, you are able to swim 1000 meters without stopping in 30 minutes, bike 25-30 miles in 2 hours, and run 4 miles in 45 minutes, then you will be at a level of fitness to begin training in earnest for the IM 70.3 Chattanooga! The training isn't easy,nor is it always fun, but the joy of crossing the finish line will remain a priceless memory that will last a lifetime.

Program Overview

● The Program begins on January 27, 2019 and will continue through the Chattanooga 70.3 race on May 19, 2019. During this time, 6 - 12 workouts will be issued per week with time commitments between 5 - 10 hours.

● Each participant will have the opportunity to meet with a Precision Endurance Coach for a one-on-one 30-minute session, either via phone or in person. The coach will offer guidance on how to monitor and change the schedule as well as answer specific questions. PE will periodically modify the group plan, particularly if you have a key race such as a Half Marathon, shorter distance triathlon, or other key milestone during the program.

● Coaches will be available to answer questions electronically every other week and will also attend most clinics. Coaches will also be available periodically at Club meetings and events.

● Plans are issued every month and there is a Private Facebook group for all participants.

● Each week’s plan incorporates specific swimming, cycling, and running workouts appropriate for that phase of the overall training plan. The program relies heavily on heart rate zone-based training.

● Special Chattanooga Triathlon Club Clinics will be offered Free of Charge to all program participants.

Special Clinics to Participants

The Chattanooga Triathlon Club will be offering a number of clinics to its members this year.

Most of these clinics will be offered at a price, and some may have a limited number of slots available. IM Program participants will be guaranteed admittance to the clinics, at no cost to the participants. There will be a minimum of 3 clinics offered during the program, and perhaps more. While a definitive list of clinics does not yet exist, the following clinics have been offered in the past, and we expect to offer similar clinics in 2019:

● Injury Prevention & Functional Strength Training. Classes will demonstrate exercises and stretches to help participants avoid injury and improve performance. Sometimes, the training is the easy part, but getting through training injury free can be more difficult.

● Bike Handling and Shifting. This will focus on things like when to shift, optimal cadence, and bike handling in general. The IM Chattanooga bike course has a lot of rolling hills, so learning how to efficiently maximize power output will be important.

● Tips from the field. Veteran triathletes will explain what to do and what not to do. Learn how to not repeat the same mistakes that many of us have been through

● Mental Training. A former top-ranked local triathlete will offer tips on mental toughness during ultra-distance events.

● Maintenance Review. This clinic will focus on basic bike maintenance to keep you bike running smoothing and teach you how to change a flat. You will actually practice changing a flat on the roads, to simulate how to do this during race conditions.

● Ironman Nutrition. One of the biggest challenges to successfully making the transition from racing short to a full Ironman is taking in the right amount of nutrition at the right time. While the primary means of learning what works occurs during training itself, we believe that a clinic to review the basics and provide suggestions will help everyone to accelerate their learning process.

● Transition Practice. This clinic will allow participants to refine his or her transition skills. Transitioning in an Ironman is slightly different and we will discuss what to expect.

● Swim Clinic & Open Water Swim Strategy. Rick Schumacher will help participants work on their swim-stroke technique & drills and provide guidance on sighting tips. Additionally, participants will learn strategies for mass starts, sighting, turning, drafting and efficiency during racing.

● Run Form Clinic. Running form and efficiency play a key role in a participant’s success.

● Core Fitness. We will focus on core/abdominal strength, shoulder strength and flexibility, hip flexibility, quadriceps, glutes, balance and other key areas for triathletes.

Programmer Coordinator

We have partnered with Precision Endurance Coaching (“PE”) for this program. PE coaches have extensive experience in coaching athletes of all levels achieve their goals. Coach Bruno Martins is a certified Ironman University Coach and Todd Viens is completing is USAT Coaching Certification. Both Have multiples podiums in Ironman events, Olympic and Sprint distances. They are easy to deal with and eager to help you achieve your goals!


The Cost for the Plans will be:

$275.00 for the 70.3

$375.00 for the 140.6

$480.00 for Both

Coach Contacts:

Coach Bruno Martins, Precision Endurance Fitness and Nutrition

Web Site:


Phone: 1-423-504-0572

Coach Todd Viens, Precision Endurance Coach


Phone: 1-423-718-4541