President:  Dawn Bradley


I saw this flyer at Sports Barn in 2006 about a sprint tri, I had no clue what it was.  I read it and thought I can do that. So I entered a month before the race. My only background was running for fun. I was kind of hooked after finishing the event.  Through the years I completed a few sprints and olympic distances. Took the plunge into the Full Ironman in 2015, here in Chattanooga. I have also completed four 70.3 distance since then.Married for 20 years to John who has been my support along the way. We are both Florida natives moved to Chattanooga in 2001. Owner of  dB Massage Therapy for 10 years.I joined the club in 2016 to have a community that I can get training tips from. Did not realize wonderful the people I would be meeting along the way. Being President is a way I am able to give back to the community.


Treasurer:  MATTHEW NAUR    


 2014, my first triathlon was a big race in Hawaii….Ok, it was really just a sprint, with gale-like winds coming off the sea, but it was my first PR and, gosh, was it fun! I had run a marathon the year before and realized that just running simply wasn’t enough, so this seemed like a good direction to go. After this first race came another, then another, then another. Before long I was riding for hours on end, running 5ks almost daily for fun, and swimming like it was the only way to start the day. Triathlon had really changed my life.

Fast forward a year and triathlon once again changed my life. A friend who knew that I rode “extremely long distances” for fun – he thought I needed an intervention – introduced me to a girl that was “crazy enough to do an Ironman”, and now we have been happily married for almost three years, three amazing years. We have a son Isaac (15 months) who has been running with dad since when he could sit up in his stroller, and swimming from when he was just a couple months old.

We decided to move from DC to TN before Isaac was born, looking for a better environment to raise a family. We have never regretted our move to the Scenic City, which was made in large part due to the proximity of the mountains and the bustling outdoor scene. The Chatt Tri Club has been a wonderful support and great way to meet new friends. I look forward to serving the club as the treasurer for the next couple of years.  


vice president: angela williams

Bio coming soon



Sponsorship Director: HUTCH SMITH


As a rank novice , my introduction to the Chatt Tri club came via a serendipitous sequence of events. In July of '17 I set out to find a new challenge and some new friends. Little did I know what lay ahead...

A fortuitous conversation with Glynis Hoover on the Riverwalk led me to the club. The first members I met were Tina Smith, Billy Day, and Mike Stacks- all at Glace Cryotherapy for the August meeting. That's an auspicious beginning. Volunteering at several events provided introductions to Melissa and others.   

Lady Luck truly smiled on me when Diana Strange became my mentor. Her knowledge, enthusiasm and fiery determination carried me into the "Y- Tri's" (thanks, Jay!) and over some trying injuries. Having recently completed a full season, I feel a somewhat more legitimate member and participant. For these events, I am grateful for help from Arden Stelly, Ernie, the Ray's, and Angela Williams, whose calm, consistent encouragement proved invaluable. 

My professional background is in law and investments. I live on Signal Mountain and am frequently in my small rural hometown in southeastern Virginia. My athletic background includes football, lacrosse and too many years of rugby, complete with corresponding injury profile. 

This club possesses a unique ethos of help and friendship. Call it team spirit or camaraderie, or good old-fashioned love and caring for one another. It provides a healthy, constructive, positive environment in which to pursue a very challenging, but intensely rewarding, sport. 


Secretary:  Jay Nevans

Jay Nevans is a Chattanooga native returning after living in Knoxville for 20 years. He finished the 2015 and 2016 Chattanooga Half Ironman and the Waterfront Triathlon. Also completed 2017 CHOO 144.3 Ironman. As part of Scenic City Multisport he promoted the IronKids Triathlons that ran from Court South Fitness Club. As Secretary, he helps with the newsletter, sponsorship, and he works on kids and beginner events (Indoor YMCA Tri), and organizing training clinics, swims, runs, and rides.


Youth Director:  Lorraine Hurley

Lorraine Hurley is a speech-language pathologist and former couch potato. She took up running in her 40’s, lost 35 pounds, and completed her first sprint triathlon at age 45 in 2008. Since then she has competed in several dozen races, including eleven 70.3’s, a 70.3 World Championship and a full Ironman. 

Her husband and favorite training partner Peter is one of the founding members of the Tri Club and owner American Bicycle Group; and she has spent the last decade trying to catch him! They have five adult children scattered from San Francisco to Scotland. Lorraine joined the board in 2018 after enjoying the benefits and camaraderie of membership for many years. She thrives on the positive, healthy lifestyle of triathlon, cherishes the triathlon community and enjoys training as much as racing. 



Jennifer Skjellum’s 25 year career includes experience building companies, building educational programs for undergraduates and professionals, and most recently leading a nonprofit organization. She was the President of TechBirmingham, a nonprofit focused on the creation, promotion and growth of the tech ecosystem in the Birmingham, AL region before moving to Chattanooga, TN in 2017.

Her husband Tony is the SimCenter Director at UTC and they have two adult children. Jennifer has completed two Ironmans- Florida and Texas, many half-iroman and short distance triathlons and about a dozen marathons. She completed her first marathon in 2000 and her first sprint distance triathlon in 2002.



AT LARGE: Mike Stacks


I have been doing Endurance sports since Feb. 2012. I started out weighing 215 lbs. My first race was the 2012 65 Roses 5K. My first Triathlon was the 2012 Run For God Sprint. I was hooked and built from there into the 2014 Ironman Chattanooga race, going into that race at a weight of 172 lbs. The lifestyle change that I experienced is a gracious blessing from God! An incredible journey! I have been a member of the Chattanooga Tri Club since Sep. 2013. I have made several wonderful friends in the club in this short time.

I have been married to Terri for 31 years. Have 3 children (2 sons, 1-26 yrs. 1-25 yrs. and 1 daughter, 19 yrs.) I have worked for Norfolk Southern Railroad as a Locomotive Electrician for 24 years. I am hoping to serve the members of this Club well. And, to help it reach the vision it has established.



Leslie Wortman started in Triathlon about 10 years ago with her first Tri being the Cedars of Lebanon.  With no real training or understanding of the sport, she participated in the event on a mountain bike.  She was one of the last people to start the swim, she was one of the last ones to cross the finish line yet she was hooked.  Since then she has fulfilled her dream of finishing the Chattanooga Ironman in 2017.  Leslie and her husband have been part of the Tri Club for about 6 years and love the people and support the club brings to all their members. 


At Large Member:  Diana Strange, Volunteer Rewards Coordinator


2014 was a defining year for me.  I was newly divorced and ready to get back into my life and somehow show my kids my fiery determination and indomitable spirit.  I've been a hiker most of my life and began kayaking in 2009 on flatwater for fun and competed in the Chattajack 31 and won my division.  I was cycling around downtown during the Ironman, not realizing it was in town. Can you imagine!!!  I was awed by the crowds and the athletes.  I thought "I could never be THAT athlete".  Hiking for 8 hours at a time, biking 60 miles on my old Specialized Hard Rock mtn bike with straight pedals and kayaking for miles at a time told me otherwise.  I looked for the triathletes in crossfit.  They aren't there!  But David Ross, a tri-geek and crossfit enthusiast pointed me the way to Masters Swim and the Chattanooga Triathlon Club in 2016.  I am forever grateful for that kindness. I found some great coaches in the Chat Tri Club who coached me to my goals. After training for 1 year...I Finished  the IMCHOO 144.6 in 2017 & 2018, did the HIMCHOO 70.3 in 2018 and have signed up for more.  Sprinkle in Chattanooga Waterfront Tri, Anne Prettyman Scenic City Tri among other fun runs and Tris and I discovered I love what we do as triathletes!  This lifestyle is healthy for mind, body and soul...provided you eat, sleep, eat, train, eat, hydrate.

There are some amazingly supportive athletes in this sport and our club.  I love sharing what I know with others and training with groups really is fun and allows you to push yourself.  You never know what you are capable of until you TRI.




Bachelor of Science – UTK  Summa Cum Laude (4.0 GPA)Masters of Science  in Nutrition and Minor equivalent in Exercise Science – UTK Nutrition Experience:
1 year in Knoxville Hospital including cancer radiation treatment
1 year consultant for dialysis
12 years current position Memorial Integrative Medicine Associates
Worked with female swimmers, ultra marathon, full and half IM as clients

Exercise background:
NSCA Certified Personal Trainer
Resistance training since age 16 including approximately 5 years power lifting
15 years competitive racquetball  Ranked in top 10  “A” skill level in Florida and Tennessee
2 Half Ironman, over 25 Olympic and Sprint triathlons

Member of Chattanooga Triathlon Club 5 years.  Each year I set a goal to get at least one person to do their first triathlon and I help them with training and preparation.  I have helped both fellow employees and patients in this endeavor. 


At Large Member:  JAMES DANIEL

I am a Registered Nurse at Memorial Hospital.  I have been employed there for more than 18 years.  I am the father of two teenage boys and an 8 month old German Shepard.  I currently live in Hixson TN with my girlfriend.

Shortly after high school I joined the Army National Guard.  I was an active reserve for 8 years which included a tour in Iraq during the 1991 “Operation Desert Shield/Storm”.   I was part of the 1st/181st Field Artillery Battalion serving under the 7th Airborne Corp. Shortly after returning home from Iraq I joined a volunteer fire department where I was a member for more than 10 years, obtaining the rank of Sargent.  While serving in this volunteer capacity I started a law enforcement career at a local police department.  I spent two years as a patrol officer.

After finishing paramedic school in 1993 I began working for several ambulance services in the area.  Then in 1995 I was tired of being on the trucks and went to work for a Mechanical Contractor and became a welder.  I was laid off from that job in Oct. of 1999 and began my career at Memorial on Jan 18th 2000.

I have always been into fitness and sports.  Roughly 15 years ago I completed a sprint triathlon with little to no training.  I’ve have always wanted to train for a full Ironman but never had the time due to very active children.  Now that my kids are a little older I am in a position where I can devote my full attention to training.  My triathlon goals for 2019 include the half Ironman in May, and several Olympic distance races.  My 2020 goals are to complete my first full Ironman and at least one half Ironman.  After my 2020 goals are complete I will most likely dial back to Olympic distance races only. 


At Large Member:  Lee Haggard,
Training Director

My name is Lee Haggard and I have been competing in Triathlons since 2015 and a member of the Chatt Tri Club since that time also.  After volunteering for Ironman Chattanooga I saw an opportunity to challenge myself beyond anything I have ever done, I signed up for the Chatt 70.3 for 2016. My first true triathlon was Run for God in 2015. 

I am married to my high school sweetheart Christie and have two children Taylor 24 and Chandler 20. I am the Production Manager for Intersign Corp and have been employed there since 1994.