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The Board

President:  Dawn Bradley


I saw this flyer at Sports Barn in 2006 about a sprint tri, I had no clue what it was.  I read it and thought  I can do that. So I entered a month before the race. My only background was running for fun. I was kind of hooked after finishing the event.  Through the years I completed a few sprints and olympic distances. Took the plunge into the Full Ironman in 2015, here in Chattanooga. I have also completed four 70.3 distance since then.
Married for 20 years to John who has been my support along the way. We are both Florida natives moved to Chattanooga in 2001. Owner of  dB Massage Therapy for 10 years.
I joined the club in 2016 to have a community that I can get training tips from. Did not realize wonderful the people I would be meeting along the way. Being President is a way I am able to give back to the community.

Treasurer:  Rafael Carmona


Secretary:  Jay Nevans

Jay Nevans is a Chattanooga native returning after living in Knoxville for 20 years. He finished the 2015 Chattanooga Half Ironman and Waterfront Triathlon.  As part of Scenic City Multisport he promoted the IronKids Triathlons that ran from Court South Fitness Club. As an At-Large member, he helps with the newsletter, sponsorship, and he works on kids and beginner events (Indoor YMCA Tri), and organizing training clinics, swims, runs, and rides.

Sponsorship Director: Craig Keener

Youth Director:  Lorraine Hurley


Lorraine Hurley is a speech-language pathologist and former couch potato. She took up running in her 40’s, lost 35 pounds, and completed her first sprint triathlon at age 45 in 2008. Since then she has competed in several dozen races, including eleven 70.3’s, a 70.3 World Championship and a full Ironman. 

Her husband and favorite training partner Peter is one of the founding members of the Tri Club and owner American Bicycle Group; and she has spent the last decade trying to catch him! They have five adult children scattered from San Francisco to Scotland. Lorraine joined the board in 2018 after enjoying the benefits and comradery of membership for many years. She thrives on the positive, healthy lifestyle of triathlon, cherishes the triathlon community and enjoys training as much as racing. 

Training Director: Mike Stacks

I have been doing Endurance sports since Feb. 2012. I started out weighing 215 lbs. My first race was the 2012 65 Roses 5K. My first Triathlon was the 2012 Run For God Sprint. I was hooked and built from there into the 2014 Ironman Chattanooga race, going into that race at a weight of 172 lbs. The lifestyle change that I experienced is a gracious blessing from God! An incredible journey! I have been a member of the Chattanooga Tri Club since Sep. 2013. I have made several wonderful friends in the club in this short time.

I have been married to Terri for 27 years. Have 3 children (2 sons, 1-22 yrs. 1-21 yrs. and 1 daughter, 15 yrs.) I have worked for Norfolk Southern Railroad as a Locomotive Electrician for 20 years.   I currently have 14 various types races from 5K to 1/2 distance Triathlons scheduled for 2015. I am hoping to serve the members of this Club well. And, to help it reach the vision it has established.

At Large Member: Curt Elverd
Curt is a middle school band director and has been racing triathlons of all distances for the past 4 years. Three of those years, he has been a member of the Tri Club and has enjoyed the camaraderie that he has gained from such an awesome organization! He hopes to help support the club’s mission, healthy lifestyle through triathlon, by serving the club as a member of the board. 

At Large Member: Hutch Smith


As a rank novice , my introduction to the Chatt Tri club came via a serendipitous sequence of events. In July of '17 I set out to find a new challenge and some new friends. Little did I know what lay ahead...

A fortuitous conversation with Glynis Hoover on the Riverwalk led me to the club. The first members I met were Tina Smith, Billy Day, and Mike Stacks- all at Glace Cryotherapy for the August meeting. That's an auspicious beginning. Volunteering at several events provided introductions to Melissa and others.   

Lady Luck truly smiled on me when Diana Strange became my mentor. Her knowledge, enthusiasm and fiery determination carried me into the "Y- Tri's" (thanks, Jay!) and over some trying injuries. Having just completed the Waterfront Sprint, I feel a somewhat more legitimate member and participant. For this event, I am grateful for help from Arden Stelly, Ernie, the Ray's, and Angela Williams, whose calm, consistent encouragement proved invaluable. 

My professional background is in law and investments. I live on Signal Mountain and am frequently in my small rural hometown in southeastern Virginia. My athletic background includes football, lacrosse and too many years of rugby, complete with corresponding injury profile. 

This club possesses a unique ethos of help and friendship. Call it team spirit or camaraderie, or good old-fashioned love and caring for one another. It provides a healthy, constructive, positive environment in which to pursue a very challenging, but intensely rewarding, sport. 


At Large Member: Ernie Berzai

Ernie is a transplant from South Bend, In.  He has been in Chattanooga for four years and still enjoying finding new things about the city and surrounding mountains.  He started triathlons to fill the void left by giving up ice hockey when he moved down here.  He was hooked at T2 of his first sprint, putting on his shoes to run and full of energy.  In 2016, Ernie completed his first of two 70.3 Half Ironman races.  The first being here in Chattanooga, and the last a home town race at Steelhead, in Benton Harbor, MI.  He also completed the Waterfront for the first time, as well as a handful of sprints.  Ernie enjoys being around a great group of likeminded people and helping the club with whatever is needed.

At Large Member:  Kendrick Gibson

Kendrick has participated in triathlons for 16 years and has 10 years of coaching experience.  He has hosted numerous clinics and camps, leads weekly group workouts, and enjoys helping others become better individuals through the sport of triathlon.  He has been a mentor through the Tri Club mentorship program and now serves on the Board in the At Large mentorship position.

At Large Member:  Lorraine Hurley


At Large Member: