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Monthly Club Meeting at Outdoor Chattanooga

Featuring Patrick Wortman

What’s New In Sports Nutrition:  Correcting marketing hype and misinformation

You log countless hours perfecting your swim, bike and run and follow your training plan to the letter. But do you practice your fueling and hydration?  There are four pillars to successfully reaching your triathlon goal(s), and if you don’t train your fuel and hydration you will not be able to obtain optimal performance on race day.  The science of sports nutrition is constantly evolving, and unfortunately many athletes and coaches (including at the elite level) are not up to date on the latest science.  My intent in giving this presentation is to bring you the most up-to-date information in the science of sports nutrition, and correct/update some of the long held beliefs still widely circulated.  This presentation will be informative for everyone and especially useful to those who have struggled with nutrition and fueling races in the past.  Special focus on Hydration and electrolytes, race fueling and ketosis, and performance enhancement including caffeine and beetroot.  Come learn what the science actually says and how you can use it to your benefit.

Later Event: August 31
Tri Nooga II