Triathlete of the Year is a Club Members ONLY Competition. It is designed to reward Club Athletes that have Raced through out the year.

At the “End of the Year party” in Dec. The top 3 Athletes in each age group will recieve recognition and a small reward for their hard work during the Year. The competition calander year runs from Jan. 1 through around the 2nd week of Dec. Please submit your Race here:

Competition Rules:

1. Be a current Chattanooga Tri Club member at the time, of each race finished and submitted.

2. Compete as a Triathlete in any officially timed Triathlon only. Exception: Only If a triathlon is made into a duathlon due to unsafe race conditions by the Race Director will duathlon count. Online event results must be posted online by the official race Director/Timing Co. as proof of race completion and Triathletes name must be listed in order to be eligible. Proof of registration will not be accepted.

a. Training Director must be notified of each race completed for points to be rewarded.

3. The competition is divided into 14 different categories based on age and gender:

Youth Boy/ Girls (< 15 )

Teen Boys/ Girls (15 - 17)

Young Adult Men/ Women (18 - 29)

Adult Men/ Women (30 - 39)

Master Men/ Women (40 - 49)

Grand Master Men/ Women (50 - 59)

Seniors Grand Master Men/ Women (60 and over)

4. Points are awarded to the first ten Chattanooga Club Triathletes in each category as follows. (This is not race podium finishes.)

1st place 10 points

2nd place 9 points

3rd place 8 points

4th place 7 points

5th place 6 points

6th place 5 points

7th place 4 points

8th place 3 points

9th place 2 points

10th place 1 pointed

Bonus points for 1st OVA. 10 points

Bonus points for 1st OVA Masters. 5 points (race must have a masters category)

Note: If OVA Race winner is in Masters AG (40 and above). He/she will only receive 10 bonus points for OVA Win. The Masters OVA 5 bonus points will roll down to next Master.

5. Members will earn Bonus Points of 10 points per Triathlon when participating in any

Triathlon more than 100 miles from Chattanooga.

(New this Year) 5 Bonus points for participating in the following local races.

  1. Scenic City/Ann Prettyman Memorial Sprint Tri

  2. Chattanooga Waterfront

  3. Tellico Olympic/Sprint Tri

  4. Fall Creek Falls Olympic/Sprint Tri

  5. Run for God Sprint Tri

6. A multiplier will apply to place and travel bonus points depending on Race type.

Race type multiplier: 1 for sprint, 2 for Olympic, 3 for ½ Iron, 4 for Full Iron.

7. No points awarded if DNF

5. Awards at the end of the year will be given as follows:

Top Overall Male and Female (2 awards) Not eligible for AG awards

Top 3 Male & Female Competitors in each AG category. (42 awards)

Triathlete of the Year will be announced at the Annual Chattanooga Tri Club “End of the Year” Party,

Examples of how points are awarded.

Racer A is 1st club member in 40-49 AG in local (<100 miles) Olympic distance Tri.

10 points for 1st in club AG x 2 ( Olympic distance multiplier) = 20 points

Racer B is 1st OVA in sprint race 150 miles away from Chattanooga.

10 points for 1st club member, 10 bonus points for over all win and 10 points for race over 100 miles from Chattanooga x 1 (sprint race)=30 points

Racer C is 5th club member in 20-29 AG in Full Ironman Chattanooga.

6 points for 5th place of club members in AG 20-29 x 4 (Full Ironman) = 24 points

Racer D is 1st club member in AG 40-49 in (½ Ironman) over 100 miles away.

10 points for 1st of club members in 40-49, 10 points for >100 miles from Chatt. X 3 (½ Ironman) = 60