Loaner Wetsuits

Quintana Roo has graciously provided the club with a set of triathlon wetsuits to loan to members! Please make sure you are current on your dues before requesting a wetsuit!

“The Quintana Roo Ultrafull makes all other entry-level triathlon wetsuits look amateur. All of our Ultra-level suits are made using Yamamoto rubber. We refuse to compromise your race day by using cheaper neoprene – Yamamoto is the world leader in triathlon neoprene, and you deserve no less.”

Please take a moment to look at the Quintana Roo sizing chart before you check out a suit.  Wetsuits may be checked out 2 weeks prior to your event.  Please note your wetsuit may be on backorder, which means it is currently checked out.


Even though the wetsuits are “free” for members, we ask that you pay a $20 deposit, which will be refunded when you return the wetsuit.  Please plan on returning your wetsuit as quickly as possible after your event (within a week), cleaned and dried.

Mens Sizing Chart / Womens Sizing Chart 

Click Here for Club Wetsuit Check Out