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Bruno Martins, Precision Endurance

A native of Portugal, is a well-seasoned athlete on the road, bike and in the water and has been in the fitness industry for almost 20 years. Bruno has competed in both road and mountain bike, from 5K to marathons, as well short and long distance triathlons. Aside from his professional expertise as a Coach/ Personal Trainer he is certified through Ironman University, American Council on Exercise, precision Nutrition, etc, making him an invaluable wealth of knowledge in helping others meet their goals.


cell phone: 423-504-0572


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Lorraine Hurley, EMPOWER Triathlon Training Services

I am a USAT Level 1 Certified Coach as well as an Ironman Certified Coach. I have competed in dozens of triathlons from sprint to full Ironman distances and have qualified multiple times for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships.”

As a lifelong educator, I believe that informed athletes are empowered athletes. Understanding one’s workouts enables athletes to trust the process and become more a part of it, internalizing best practices to bring out one’s greatest potential. I also believe that trust is a huge part of coaching. My athletes don’t report to me; I work for them. At EMPOWER Triathlon Training Services, your annual training plan and workouts are based on current exercise science and tailored to your specific needs: your race schedule and priorities, building up your weaker areas, and accounting for your individual travel, personal and professional commitments. I’m honored to help people achieve their dreams and even move beyond what they thought was possible. I can be reached at Visit us on Facebook at Empower Triathlon Training Services.

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Susan Ford, Forditude Racing

I am a USAT level 1 and Ironman certified coach with a passion for coaching and racing. I have been coaching since 2014, and thoroughly enjoy seeing my athletes get faster and achieve their goals. I enjoy working with motivated and committed age group triathletes of all levels. I have coached athletes at all distances with success, including Ironman distance. Personally, I have completed close to 30 full Ironman races and I have qualified multiple times each for the Boston Marathon, the 70.3 World Championships and the Ironman World Championships in Kona. I also work as a veterinarian.

I believe that the coach/athlete relationship is one of mutual communication, collaboration, and a sense of taking a journey together. The athlete defines the desired destination, the coach takes the wheel, and together they take the journey. I maintain a very small roster purposely, to ensure full attention and commitment to each athlete.

Please contact me through the contact form on my website.


Ed Rusk

USATriathlon Level 1 coach in Chattanooga, TN. My training philosophy is based on periodization, preparation & form perfection while working within time constraints to balance family, work and training time.  I believe it takes a team to cross a finish line and gaining the support of your family through proper balance is crucial to your success.  Over 12 years of experience in racing & training provides me with knowledge & wisdom that is critical for success.  It’s my passion to work with busy executives who have limited training time, busy moms to help their dreams come true & everyone in between.  I’m the CFO for a local pharma company and enjoy analyzing workouts.  Coaching services are personalized & individual based; providing power based training, HR based training and swim, bike & run analysis. Training Peaks account is included. Contact me & let’s get started!  5X Ironman, 3X Boston Qualifier, 2X 70.3 World Championships, 55+ Triathlons.